The costs of going public and listing on the ECSE involve expenses associated with the issue of the prospectus, legal and financial consultations and on-going publication of information. These costs vary with each issue. The basic expenses include:

  • Investment banker fees - underwriting, financial advice and related services;
  • Professional fees - auditing and legal expenses associated with the preparation of all disclosure documents;
  • Printing costs - for printing the prospectus;Listing fees - charged by the ECSE for listing and
    maintaining listing on the Exchange;
  • Ongoing registry fees - charged for the maintenance of the stockholders' and bondholders' register.

Are you ready to go public?
There are some important questions to ask to determine if going public is the best strategy for financing your company's growth.
Is your company competitive?

  • Does your company have an opportunity to expand?
  • Does your company have good earnings potential?
  • Does your company need long term capital?
  • Does your company meet the criteria for listing on the ECSE?
  • Does your company have a well thought-out and clearly articulated plan for the future?